Impressions For Today

Take Another Friend From My Hands
Only A Matter Of Life
I Made It Through June
Think Of How Many Writings For You
Another Reason Comes To Mind
When Time Was Lost In The Wind
Brings A Tear To My Eye
Why My Today Exists
If Only To Send My Love To You
Grown Beyond Tonight
Hard Feelings Remain
Sunshine On Raining Nights
From Falling On You
What Does Your Message Speak
With Every Minute
I Still Walk With You
The Same Want
On My Way Back Home
No Songs Left
Speak How Real Life Was
The Tune Plays Itself
I Will Wait A Bit Longer
Without Tomorrow To Understand
After Our Night Disappeared
For A Breath Of Fresh Air
Two Memories In Our Mind
Twenty Words To Understand
My Place In Your World
After Writing As Many Words As I Have
Looking At Thoughts Pass Through This Morning
Seems Impossible
What Else Would Earth Hold
We Create Our Own Time
Sifting Through This Sand
Over With Today
Amazing Memories
Heart Is A Funny Player Of Rhyme
What's Wrong With Now
In This Idea Of Want
Waiting On An Hour To Pass
Certainly A Pleasure
Known For Interesting Pictures
Into This Hold On Yesterday
Another Friend Gone
A Trail Of Sadness
I Just Live Day To Day